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Teaser Trailer

Welcome to The Craigslist Reality Show! Get ready to embark on a unique and hilarious journey into the lives of our four vibrant characters living in the heart of New York City.


Move In Day

An ambitious reality show producer sticks five strangers in the same apartment building who all in search of Reality Show fame, how could this possibly end in chaos?


Clubbing in NYC
with Craigslist Reality Stars

The cast is given an open tab at a NYC club to create drama. But things get out of hand in a different way...


Rat Elimination Program

NYC puts a bounty up for 24 hours to decrease the rat population, Cole sees this as an opportunity to get some much needed funds for the show, the Craigslist Reality Stars must become as lethal as possible on short notice. 



One of the production cameras goes missing and Cole suspects his cast members who all seem to have a valid alibi.

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